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"Our panel's breadth of knowledge and experience allows them to deal with complex issues impartially and decisively."

John Bradley

Our Panel

Andrew Essam [Banner 4].jpg

Andrew Essam

Janey Milligan [Banner 3].jpg

Janey Milligan

Nick Walden.jpg

Nicholas Walden

Paul Lomas-Clarke [Banner 2].jpg

Paul Lomas-Clarke

Sarah McCann [Banner 2].jpg

Sarah McCann

Donny MacKinnon.jpg

Donny MacKinnon

John Riches [Banner].jpg

John Riches

Patrick Waterhouse [Banner 3].jpg

Patrick Waterhouse

Peter Aeberli [Banner 2].jpg

Peter Aeberli

Sean Smylie [Banner 2].jpg

Sean Smylie

Douglas Judkins [Banner].jpg

Douglas Judkins

Mark Dixon [Banner 3].jpg

Mark Dixon

Paul Jensen [Banner 2].jpg

Paul Jensen

Robert Ames [Banner 2].jpg

Robert Ames

Simon McKenny [Banner 2].jpg

Simon McKenny

About Our Panel


Professional Qualifications on our Panel

Geographic Regions Represented by our Adjudicators

Letters and Professional Membership

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