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Paul Lomas-Clarke

Profile Highlights

Professional Qualifications

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Construction Industry Council

Professional Bodies

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Construction Industry Council

Paul Lomas-Clarke, a former Executive Director of Knowles, has worked in the construction industry on dispute resolution issues for nearly 40 years.  He has been employed on preparing, defending and negotiating claims on a wide range of projects including motorway upgrades, shopping centres, a multi-storey office complex, oil refinery projects, a range of social housing projects and nuclear power stations.  He has experience of and has reviewed a wide range of contracts and sub-contracts including standard forms and non-standard forms. He is on the panel of a number of Adjudicator Nominating Bodies and practices regularly as an Adjudicator as well as being an accredited Mediator (with CEDR) and Arbitrator.

Expertise and Experience


  • Paul’s most recent appointment as adjudicator was on two major solar power projects in the UK concerning power cabling and civil engineering disputes valued at £500,000.00.

  • Paul has developed data handling techniques such that large complicated disputes can be analysed by computer allowing easier identification of issues and economic production of cause and effect schedules.

  • His prime areas of expertise include delay, disruption and variation claims on conventional construction protect and a particular interest in civil, building, mechanical and electrical disputes.

  • Apart from acting as an Adjudicator and Arbitrator, Paul has been responsible for the management and conduct of many adjudication and arbitration references with claim values ranging from £10,000.00 to £2,000,000.00. In all cases satisfactory compromises or awards have been achieved.

  • Paul both practices as a mediator and has represented parties in a number of mediations all of which have settled as a result of the mediation.

  • He has acted as expert witness on many occasions providing reports on quantum, overhead costs, construction management and negligence claims.

  • He lectures on in-house courses to trade associations and professional groups on various aspects of construction law.

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