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With some 40 years experience in the construction industry Bob’s background is as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor.

He has been employed by large and medium sized contracting organisations, Local Authorities and professional quantity surveying firms. His experience covers a range of issues that regularly occur within the construction industry.

As a quantity surveyor he is familiar with the measurement and valuation of construction works and the problems that can be encountered. He is also experienced in the evaluation of loss and expense claims and extensions of times.

Since 1992 Bob has worked for Henry Cooper Consultants where he deals with contractual disputes and provides expertise on contractual matters. He has a working knowledge of the main standard forms of contract and sub-contract within the construction, civil engineering and process engineering industries.

Bob regularly acts as an adjudicator and as of March 2019 has been appointed over 280 times. The disputes decided by him have included issues of valuation, loss and expense, extensions of time and contract terms. Bob was the Adjudicator in Samuel Thomas Construction Ltd –v- Anon [2000] (TCC unreported) and Westminster Building Company Limited –v- Andrew Beckingham [2004] EWHC 138 (TCC).

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