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Profile Highlights

Academic Qualifications

LLB, MSc (Construction Law)

Professional Qualifications

FRICS, MICArb, Dip.Adj

Professional Bodies

RICS, IChemE, UK Adjudicators

Sean Smylie is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with a wealth of experience in the construction industry.


Sean has considerable experience on the contractor side of the industry, having worked for Shepherd Construction, Kyle Stewart Contractors and Mowlem Building during his career. He has experience of over 100 adjudications, involvement in arbitration and litigation, in both the TCC and the Court of Appeal. He is very conversant with the JCT suite of contracts, NEC 3, PPC 2000 and FIDIC. He also has a working Knowledge of MF/1 and the I Chem.E forms of contract.

Sean has gained wider industry experience with his involvement with the JCT, where he is an alternate director and a member of the Contractor’s College. Sean was also on the Steering Group of the RICS for the production of the New Rules of Measurement and in particular NRM2 (Detailed measurement for building works).

Sean has spent most of his working career in resolving construction related disputes, be they upstream or downstream, from simple adjudications to the most complex of litigation, including professional negligence disputes. Sean spent many years involved in the City Inn litigation, a seminal case in relation to the application of the extensions of time machinery under JCT contracts.

Notwithstanding any of the above, Sean’s principal attributes are his ability to understand complex matters and to quickly get to the nub of an issue, his objectivity and his fairness.

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