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Nominate an Adjudicator

A Five Step Process



Complete the application form to nominate an Adjudicator to deal with my dispute.

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Send the completed application form by email and pay the adjudication fee of £480 (being £400 + VAT) electronically with the information provided on the form.



Upon receipt of your application form and payment of the nominating fee, we will nominate an adjudicator usually within three working days to deal with your dispute.



We will write to both parties (or their representatives) and notify them of the appointment of the Adjudicator.



The Adjudicator will be in touch with the parties (or their representatives) to outline the procedure for dealing with your dispute.

How Our Matching Works

Our primary role is to nominate an adjudicator who is suitable and free from any conflict of interest. In undertaking the task, we will consider the following six factors.

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Series of Adjudications

If the nomination is a series of adjudications under the same contract, we retain discretion to nominate the most appropriate adjudicator in light of cost and time considerations.

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We reserve discretion in nominating Adjudicators. We will not be fettered or bound by representations made against the identity of the Adjudicator.

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An Adjudicator's accepting of nomination may be subject to their work or holiday commitments.

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Nature of Dispute

This will often determine if a lawyer, surveyor, architect, or other professionals are approached.

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The geographic location of the works and parties involved in the dispute is another important factor.

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Conflict of Interest

Adjudicators with a known conflict of interest of potential conflict of interest will not be nominated.

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